We aim to be No.1 in the field of construction-related translation.

It is difficult, even for a translation company, to make the translated text self-explanatory, even when the original text is written in plain language. Highly specialized jargon of construction doesn't make things easier. It is not uncommon, therefore, for translators to produce incomprehensible text. For Tetra, too, it was not somebody else's problem.

There may be a number of reasons technical translation is generally of poor quality. After all is said and done, the main reason is the difficulty of acquiring both language proficiency and technical knowledge. It is not very realistic to expect a single person to acquire language proficiency (liberal art) and technical knowledge (science or engineering).

Tetra has built a system for specialization and collaboration under which translators with language proficiency and engineers with technical knowledge can cooperate to produce quality translations.

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Database Database Database Database

Translation-purpose database of specialist terminology collected from a vast amount of data. It is impossible to build a noncomputerized database of equal magnitude and ease of use. Primary source of information consisting primarily of literature and image data. Database of phrases and sentences containing specialized terminology. Database used to retrieve data on past projects similar to new projects.

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